Fee Structure

These are our fees as of January 2019.

Basic fees for a Term

Year Group  Termly Tuition Fee
Year 7  1,081
Year 8  1,254
Year 9  1,411
Year 10  1,711
Year 11  1,783
Year 12 & 13 Humanities/Arts  2,109
Year 12 & 13 Sciences  2,192


  • (a) Application Fee (one-off payment), UG Shs. 50,000/=
  • (b) Admission Fee (one-off payment) US $100
  • (c) Caution Fee, (one –off payment ) US $50
  • (d) Medical insurance UGSh 100,000, per annum.
  • (e) Sports Fee, (Games kit) UGSh 50,000, per annum

All fee payments have to be made through BARCLAYS BANK OF UGANDA LTD (Main branch, Kampala Road). US Dollars Account No. 0344248397 and UgShs. Account No. 0341399475. Pay slips are available at school.


  • (i) School uniform is available for purchase at the school
  • (ii) All IGCSE and A’ Level Science students are required to purchase a lab coat at the school
  • (iii) Students should report with a true Parent or Guardian and a receipt or bank slip for the term
  • (iv) Students should bring a statement of results/results slip for any previous Examinations (where applicable), a recommendation from the former school and two passport photographs
  • (v)  Two pairs of black shoes
  • (vi) For girls – two pairs of white ankle socks and a nightdress/pyjamas. For boys grey/black stockings.
  • (vii) All students should have a set of smart, casual clothes; for boys black trousers and at least one smart, plain shirt with a collar. For girls, a dress or smart skirt and plain blouse.
  • (viii) Mattress and bedding, plastic basin/bucket, soap, slippers, sports wear, flat iron, clipboard, pens, exercise books, Art materials (for art and design students) hangers and toilet rolls.

Please note; Radios and other electrical items are discouraged in the College. If found, they will be confiscated and withheld until the student’s final leaving day
For more information and inquiries about admission, please contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. || George : +256791099543 or Justus: +256782851028

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